About SPPL

Sumangali Properties Pvt. Ltd. creates something more than just a house. Having a penchant to make something ordinary into extraordinary, we build the home of your dreams, blending the modern and contemporary amenities with a craftsmanship of the age old tradition. We specialize in building residences in and around Medavakkam, one of the upcoming and most preferred residential areas of Chennai. We are the fifth generation living in that area; therefore we know the area inside out.

Our grandfather had been the Medavakkam village President for over 30 years, and our fathers and uncles having devoted their energies to agriculture in the same area, and later to transportation trade, we are traditionally connected and intimately familiar with this area. For more than a decade we have accorded devout attention to the construction business, putting our knowledge to test by building our own homes and commercial spaces.

Having tasted success, we ventured into construction of residential flats and villas in Medavakkam and its surrounding areas. We have mastery on the knowledge of the soil and the water table of this area; therefore we can adapt our construction of residential buildings to the local conditions. We take recourse to the in-depth knowledge of our seniors of the local conditions and temper it with adequate dosages of modern technological ingenuity. Sumangali Properties establish a balance of traditional knowledge with modern thinking, which give astounding outcomes.

Why Choose Us?

Our properties have a distinct workmanship with an unmatched quality and a finesse which is outstanding. Right from the gate to the terrace the quality of construction is easily decipherable, which is a natural sequel to the innumerable checks and balances that we have incorporated in our operations.

Only after intricate soil and water testing we proceed for actual construction, because the test reports determine the depth of the foundation and if the water is found unsuitable we don’t hesitiate in arranging for an alternate source of usable water.

We do not select our vendors merely on the low prices that they have to offer, but on the quality of raw materials that they supply. Since we have sufficient knowledge of the sources of their supplies, taking a ride on us is not an option. The price and the quality advantages are naturally passed on to our clients.

We are very particular to use the traditional red bricks in our constructions over the hollow or fly ash bricks. We also select the materials used on two criterias, one quality and life of the materials other future hasstle free maintance. Our monetary transactions are clearly transparent and there are no hidden costs.

We have grown in the Medavakkam area as a response to the growing needs for quality housing with our hallmark characteristics of excellent designs in construction, technical knowhow, and superlative quality matched with transparent documentation and financials, keeping the approval norms absolutely intact. We are one of the best builders in medavakkam. We are skilled professionals who have won the trust of our clients with our immaculate customer service.