It is a wonderful experience owning a well constructed apartment from Sumangali. It is glad to see that that the management is committed to providing a quality housing. It is reflected in the quality of materials and fittings used in the construction. The post handover maintenance support is very good and almost all the issues were addressed promptly. The support staff and management are easily approachable and friendly and I was treated well. Happy to be a part of Sumangali's family

By Mr. Mohan Kumar S-Manor, Block-1, S2

It is a very good experience of having a well constructed flat from Sumangali. It is happy to appreciate the commitment of yours of contributing neat and quality housing. The pre and post maintenance support is good. The support staff and management are friendly. We are very much happy to be a part of Sumangali's family and wishing you all sucess in future and forth coming projects

By Mr. N. Magesh S-Manor, Block-2, G1

I just wanted to take a moment and say Thank You to Sumangali for providing a beautiful home with nice ambiance. When I purchased mine,we had taken considerable effort to reach many builders and their design, construction, ease of use, etc., before deciding on yours. They are very good at what they do. The flat is solid and secure. The whole experience with Sumangali has been wonderful from start to finish. Special thanks to Anand for his support through out the construction and even after flat is handed over. I tell everyone that I have a good shelter and fully endorse them

By Mr. Sathya Narayanan S-Manor, Block-1, G1

It was quite a pleasant experiece interacting with the building promotor during the process of construction. Mr.Anand was very receptive and amenable to suggestions made and got them implemented in my flat. After handing over the flat, whatever minor issues we had have been addressed to our satisfaction. I have recommended Sumangali Homes to few of my freinds looking to purchase flats in this area

By Mr. R. Sundar S-Manor, Block-2, F1

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